2013 Honduran Elections

HSN Electoral Observers Denounce the Elections

The largest election observation team, the Honduras Solidarity Network has documentation of serious and undeniable fraud in all 10 districts that we observed in.

After careful consideration of our own observations of the electoral process in Honduras we find the presidential elections to be inconsistent with democratic principles and rife with fraudulent practices.

We were impressed with the peaceful behavior of voters and in particular the voting participation of youth and senior peoples, despite the widespread voter intimidation tactics we witnessed.

We recognize that any prediction of election outcomes is premature, especially considering how contentious the electoral process was.

Violations of human rights have been a major concern. There were numerous reports of voter intimidation by Honduran Security Forces. On the night of November 23 Maria Amparo Pineda Eduarte, a peasant Leader of Cooperativa el Carbón a member of the Central Nacional de Trabajadores del Campo (CNTC), and president of a polling station for the LIBRE party in Cantarranas was assassinated along with Julio Ramón Araujo Maradiaga after leaving a polling station TSE training.

We witnessed significant electoral irregularities, including vote buying, the national party bought smaller political parties polling table credentials, many LIBRE supporting voters were denied the right to vote, voters received presidential ballots that were already marked for the National party, the lack of secret vote for many LIBRE supporters, and more that will be included in our forthcoming detailed report.

In addition to the general absence of transparency in the vote counting process, we are extremely concerned that the Electoral Tribunal is not counting 20% of the ballots.

We faced intimidation and harassment during the undertaking of our responsibilities as electoral observers. We urge the United States, Canadian, European Union and other nations to join us in denouncing these serious violations of human rights and the electoral process.



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